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Retail Insurance

Protecting your business’s physical assets, public liability and employees, WA Insurance Brokers help you save your precious time. We will assist and provide you customised cover to suit your situations perfectly.

What WA Insurance Brokers provide:

  • Customised insurance cover for wide range of retail business
  • Professional guidance on your needs
  • Personal Consultations

Inclusive Cover to choose from:

Property and Equipment

  • Damage or loss to inventories and property caused by theft, fire or storm.
  • Including furniture, office equipment, fixtures, and interior decoration.

Business Interruption

  • Failure of Public Utilities
  • Accidents occur such as fire

Cash and Personal Accident

  • Damage to safe caused by theft or attempted theft.
  • Loss of money in a bank night safe.
  • Loss caused by the use of counterfeit money.
  • Unfortunate robbery or attempted robbery during business hours, causing you or your employees injury.

Fidelity Guarantee

  • Loss of money due to fraud or dishonesty by your employees.

Public and Product Liability

  • Tenant’s liability
  • Food and/or drink poisoning
  • Overseas visits
  • Social and welfare activity
  • Independent contractors liability
  • Signboard liability
  • Pollution caused by the sudden and unforeseen

Workers Compensation

  • Your workers get injured during work or suffer a work-related illness
  • Seriously injured and required medical attention
  • Protection for employees when overseas on business

Taxation Investigation

  • You need to pay tax for you business’s liability due to an audit by the Australian Taxation Office

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Specialty Insurance for....

  • Indigenous Corporations & Communities (incl Site visits throughout WA)
  • PBI’s Services to Mining
  • Engineering Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Trade Credit

Proprietor: Peter Newbound


Suite 9 / 2 Prindiville Drive,
Wangara WA 6065


Telephone: (08) 9309 9622
Fax: (08) 9309 9722


Recent Celebrity Interactions

Here I am photographed with Kieran Perkins at NIBA Conference Oct 2019 @ Allianz Trade Stand.

Here I am photographed with my wife and Marco Pierre White at Sittellas Winery Nov 2019.

Here I am photographed at the Wanneroo Business Assoc AGM.

(From L to R) I am with Bill Meredith (Bills Machinery), Tracey Roberts (Mayor of Wanneroo),  and Roy Oldfield (Freshwater Filtration Systems).


Under Insurance


Click here to download the ANV presentation about Under Insurance from the 2014 Steadfast Conference.


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